Good News! Magic Health won the New Nutrition 2023“Creative Pioneer Award“

On 19th - 20th Oct.,2023, the 2023 New Nutrition Annual Trend Conference and Award ceremony by New Nutrition Business, Nutrition Box and co-organized by Guangdong Health Food Industry Association and New Plant Strategy came to a successful end in Guangzhou

Magic Health won the 2023 "Creative Pioneer Award" for Vitamin K2 (fermentation method).

Vitamin K2, a type of vitamin, is essential for the human body. Major sources include animal liver, meat,beans, fermented milk products and cheese, with natto being the highest. Numerous clinical trials have proved that vitamin K2 can introduce calcium into bone, improve the efficiency of calcium osteogenesis, enhance the effect of calcium supplementation, improve vascular flexibility, and reduce the "biological age" of vasculogenesis.

MaiggicTM Vitamin K2(MK-7), the use of patented strains through natural liquid deep fermentation, the product is more green, healthy and safe, the obtained all-trans MK-7 absorption is good, with high purity, less impurities and other advantages. In addition, the unique P-type and F-type microencapsulated powders of MaiggicTM have higher product stability and can be widely used in various dosage forms of end products.

Magic Health aspired to become an international leading enterprise in the field of functional health driven by technological innovation, with patents and industrialization capabilities related to high-yield strain breeding, high-level fermentation process, high-purity product separation and purification process, and development of intermediate dosage forms for different application scenarios. Products have covered bone health, brain health, vascular health, anti-aging and anti-oxidation, oral beauty, emotional health and other fields.

In the future, Magic Health will continue to deepen its business in the fields of nutrition and health and personal care functional raw materials, and provide customers with high-quality products and comprehensive health solutions.