Magic Health|Vitafoods Asia 2023 Exhibition

Vitafoods Asia, was held on 20th Sept, 2023 at the Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Fi Asia Thailand was held at the same time. 

With the continuous growth of the health care market in the Asia-Pacific region in the next few years, Thailand will become the largest consumer market in the Asia-Pacific region, and the timely joint organization of Vitafoods Asia and Fi Asia Thailand at this stage will also enable the in-depth promotion and understanding of industry innovation and trends in the health market.

The main exhibits are functional foods, functional drinks, nutrition and health products, nourishment,cosmetics, botanical medicines, OTC, raw materials of Seafood products, amino acid, antioxidants, beneficial bacteria, bioactive ingredients, edible fibers, yeast, essential oil, proteins, vitamins, minerals and finished products.

The international sales of Magic Asia Pacific Department participated in the exhibition, focused on the promotion of food raw materials round 100 customers this time, and conducted in-depth communication with many participating customers.

In Vitafoods, Magic products are mainly bone health series, brain health series, vascular health series. Vitamin K2, as the most popular raw material, has attracted many infant milk powder and middle-aged and elderly people calcium supplement products related enterprises. Except Vitamin K2, cardiovascular health and brain health related products such as PQQ, PS, etc., their application and efficacy are also being familiar and understood by the public. Magic is committed to the development and sales of fermentation products, focusing on the improvement and innovation of product technology, the exhibition also displayed nattokinase, lycopene and other new products,warm atmospherec.
After the epidemic, global health has become a major topic of general concern in all countries, and the public is increasingly concerned about their own health, and brand companies need to comply with the market and the public, and pay attention to the "next step" health products.